I have only a passing interest in fast cars. You know me and public transit. A nicely designed classic car does turn my head, and I've gained a healthy respect for Lamborghini and Aston Martin through my two books in Crabtree's Superstar Cars series, but Formula 1 racing leaves me cold.

So, when this website embedded an hour-long YouTube video on Sir Patrick Stewart presenting a documentary on British racing legend Sir Stirling Moss, I clicked through and watched the first few minutes thinking, "hey, Captain Picard is talking about racecars! Neat!"

But very quickly I discovered that this documentary was more than that. Much more. Sir Patrick Stewart loves racecars. And he is inspired by the life story of Sir Stirling Moss. And he puts his passion into this documentary and he connects so personally with Sir Stirling Moss that the result is absolutely captivating.

I challenge you to watch this and not grin along with Sir Patrick Stewart. He manages to be the star of the video while honouring the life of the British legend. The overwhelming feeling that one gets from this video is that this is a childhood ambition fulfilled, and one of the greatest moments in Patrick Stewart's own life. And it's a privilege to be taken along for the ride.

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