Letting Nature Take its Course?

The headline of the day comes from Global News:

Boaters fined $2,500 for harassing moose in Ontario


DRYDEN, Ont. - Two boaters have been fined a total of $2,500 for harassing a cow moose swimming in a northwestern Ontario lake.

Andrew Weiers of Dryden, Ont., and Matthew Weiers of Fort Saskatchewan, Alta., both pleaded guilty to the offence in Ontario Court of Justice and the boat, owned and operated by Andrew Weiers, has been seized.

Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources says it received complaints about boaters harassing a swimming moose in Eagle Lake in Dryden on July 29.


As somebody said on Facebook, “this would seem to have natural consequences.”

In a similar vein, this here is a sign found in the Everglades of Florida:


My reaction to this is: “Molested?! You don’t need to prosecute that. You just need to find the bodies.”

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