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Just What Cats Need...

Mon, Sep 1, 2014

A while ago, after Jasper managed to bend himself 180 degrees from right to left in order to avoid being put into a carrier, and made his point doubly known by planting his claws right into my left shoulder, a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon came to mind. In it, Calvin decided to get the jump on his imaginary pet tiger by leaping on him. The comic depicts Calvin in high arc when Hobbes wakes up, surprised. Hobbes then bares his teeth and his claws while Calvin is still in mid-arc, leaving Calvin waving his arms and legs frantically to try and abort the jump.

Later, he admits that he didn’t think things through since (paraphrased), “five of his six ends have sharp bits on them”.

And, I thought, he’s right. The cat is one step away from perfection. What it really needs to complete the process is a stinger…

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