Fathom Five - Synopsis


"What family?" said Peter. "I haven't got a family, except-- What are you talking about?"

"Your real family, Peter," said Fiona. "Our family. You are one of us. You are not human."

"Excuse me?!"

On the surface, Peter McAllister has a good life: a good school, good friends, good times. So what if his best friend, Rosemary Watson, is a girl -- and sort of a geek? And so what if she might be something more than a friend? On the surface, he's happy.

Underneath, it's a different story. It's been years since the death of his parents landed him in this small town with his hardly-there uncle -- but he still feels as if his life in Clarksbury is just an inch deep. Are his friends really his friends? Does he really belong? Only Rosemary seems entirely real. That reality comes crashing down the first time he kisses her -- and she rejects him.

Then a mysterious woman named Fiona, a vision from his life before his parents died, appears. She tells him he's a changeling -- a fairy child from beneath the waters of Georgian Bay left to live in the human world. She tells him that's why he doesn't belong. She tells him it's time to come home.

Can Rosemary convince him that Fiona is lying?

Or is it possible Fiona is telling the truth?

Fathom Five is a deep adventure for ages ten and up. Read an excerpt.

James Bow is a native Torontoian, a transit enthusiast, an urban planner, a freelance journalist and a science-fiction fan. He's been writing for the love of it for twenty years, but this is his second published novel.

James lives in Kitchener, Ontario, with his wife, poet Erin Noteboom, and their new-born daughter Vivian, and he intends to read them far too much Tolkien.