Personal/Family News Archives

  1. The Month of Renovations
  2. The North Wind Doth Blow, and We Shall Have Snow...
  3. Farewell Lance, Hello Ida
  4. On the Need for an Integrated Transit Plan
    Part 1: Expand the Inter-City Bus Network
  5. Dear Diary
  6. One Year Later
  7. The Year of Worry and Wonder
  8. Happy Holidays
  9. Milestone Reached
  10. The New Look
  11. The Places Where We Remember
  12. Tim Hortons and the Good Place
  13. Halloween 2017
  14. Luna Incognito
  15. Ottawa at Night
  16. Off to Ottawa
  17. Unboxing my Aurora Award
  18. Wherein I Almost Fall for a Scam...
  19. The Fourth Computer
  20. We're going to Nashville! Nashville! Nashville, Tennessee! We're going to Nashville!
  21. South of Dayton
  22. On Cataracts
  23. On Meeting Gordon Korman
  24. Back to the Blog
  25. Mid May
  26. Ruth Gillespie (1949-2017)
  27. Halfway to Ninety
  28. Michael Comes Home
  29. So... What Happened Here?
  30. Happy Belated Anniversary
  31. Where the Wasps Were
  32. It's important to stand up for the truth
  33. Eulogy
  34. Obituary
  35. Mom
  36. Annus Horribilis?
  37. Winter is Coming
  38. Halloween Costumes
  39. Cookies and Milk
  40. The Porcelain Anniversary
  41. The Great Canadian Mark-Up
  42. Home Renovation Saga
  43. Dragonfly Into Butterfly
  44. Renovation Creep
  45. End of Summer and First Day of School
  46. The Hammer in Slow Motion
  47. The Curious Case of the Dropping Coins
  48. Michigan Beach
  49. Home Improvement
  50. Reflections on Humber Bay
  51. Parliament at Sunset
  52. The Blue Fireman
  53. The Perils of Living With a Young Dog
  54. Concussion
  55. Luna... By Chance, You Don't Know What Happened to the Kids' Blue Hair Chalk, Do You?
  56. Welcome, Swan Riders!
  57. Eleanor Grace at Eight
  58. Daddy-Daughter Day
  59. Happiness is a Cold Nose
  60. Gardening for Earth Day
  61. Smile and Frown Cookies
  62. Nora's Bucket List
  63. Happy Easter!
  64. This Blog is Going to the Dog
  65. Ducks on the Roof
  66. March Break
  67. Meet Luna
  68. Desk Photographs
  69. Author Photographs
  70. Shovelling Snow
  71. Speaking For Myself For Fourteen Years
  72. Nora's Face in Bubbles
  73. Kitchener Station at Sunrise
  74. Hello 2016
  75. The Year of the Scorpion
  76. Wet Christmas
  77. The Colour of the Light
  78. Twenty Years Ago
  79. Not Sure When I Took This
  80. Vivian, Zero to Ten
  81. What You Can Do With an Egg
  82. And That's Erin, Fighting for the Rebel Alliance in Her Own Special Way
  83. The Lost Hobby
  84. Ancient Tinkertoys
  85. This Street is Made for Walking
  86. One of these Days, Nora is Going to Reenact that Scene from E.T.
  87. Farewell to the Office
  88. Autumn Falls
  89. Summer's Labours
  90. Sisters in a Nutshell
  91. And a Star to Steer Her By
  92. Drayton Festivities
  93. Smellorama
  94. Pacific Sunset
  95. Ten Years Later
  96. Sacramento Dreaming
  97. Fresno Dreaming
  98. San Francisco Dreaming
  99. California Dreaming
  100. Contemplating the End of June
  101. Sisterly Love
  102. The Masque of the Chocolate Death
  103. The Mystery of the Missing Water
  104. Just Remember that Somebody Had to Consider the Possibilities
  105. The First Picture I Ever Took
  106. Weekend in (Great Wolf) Paradise
  107. Throne of Scorpions
    Erin Bow's The Scorpion Rules Cover Revealed
  108. Wherein I Show You My Etching...
  109. The Great Thaw
  110. The Art of Scorpions
  111. The Empty Home
  112. Many Moving Boxes
  113. Well, that's Optimistic
  114. Thirteen Years Ago Today
  115. Petty Thieves
  116. So, We Ordered Boxes...
  117. An Example of Strange Luck
  118. The Year of Strange Luck
  119. Merry Christmas, 2014
  120. The Lego Gender Swap
  121. Joseph Howard O'Connor (1917-2014)
  122. Blessings in Disguise
  123. Vivian Katherine's Ninth Birthday
  124. On a Life Turned Somewhat Upside Down
  125. Doctor Who: The Season So Far
  126. Just What Cats Need...
  127. To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughters...
  128. The Last Two Weeks of Summer
  129. What I've Been Writing Lately
  130. What We Did on our Summer Vacation (So far)
  131. My Fourth (Published) Novel
    (Icarus Down Purchased by Scholastic Canada)
  132. On Tim Horton's and its Faulty Embrace of New Technology
  133. Sisters' Day 2014
  134. Hey, Whatever Works, Right?
  135. From Pillow Forts to Bridges
  136. Assorted Thoughts on a Sunday Morning.
  137. Mourning the Northlander
  138. The Subduction Zone in my Floor
  139. The Lollipop Grenade
  140. Descendant of the Dinosaurs
  141. Cue Angry E-mails In 3... 2... 1... Ah, here we go...
  142. The It Girl
  143. Random Thought for the Day
  144. Apple OsX Stops a Windows Trojan Over the Phone
  145. Our Trip to Ottawa
  146. Updates for May
  147. Eleanor Grace's Sixth Birthday
  148. Easter Monday
  149. My Birthday, the Universe and Everything
  150. Rocket Girl
  151. Vivian, the Acrobatic Reader
  152. Vivian, Using My iPhone's Note App, Wrote This:
  153. Nora Watches the NFB's The Cat Came Back for the First Time...
  154. 2858th Post
  155. The Ninth of Farch
  156. Why, Thank You!
  157. On Movies and Writing
  158. The Genetic Burden
  159. The Fog of Building
  160. Extreme Conditions
  161. A Year of Change and Status Quo
  162. Winter. I hate it.
  163. Burlington Waves
  164. Vivian's New Ornithopter
  165. Maple Blossoms, by Vivian
  166. Ready for the Dentist's Chair
  167. Children on Podiums
  168. No Ennui on the TTC
  169. Vivian Katherine's Eighth Birthday
  170. Yeah. School. Whatever
  171. Perimeter Halloween
  172. Fall Deepens
  173. Blue Sun, by Vivian Bow
  174. In the Shadow of Big Daddy
  175. What I've Been Writing Lately - Fall Equinox Edition
  176. The Beach at the End of the Line
  177. What I've Been Writing Lately
  178. State Fair
  179. Balloons Return to Indianola
  180. Your Worst Day, Ever...
  181. Dear Dave
  182. Clever Vandalism
  183. Piercing
  184. Plastic Parking Tickets
  185. Sisters' Day
  186. Vivian Reads
  187. An Educational Toy
  188. O, Canada
  189. The Last Day of JK
  190. Glass Railing
  191. This Blog is Not Abandoned
  192. Proud to be Yellow
  193. Keeping Active
  194. The Beaches of Burwell
  195. Hello, Jasper.
  196. Fire Dancers in New Dundee, Sea Glass in Neville Park
  197. What the Heck are Burpees?
  198. You've Got to Play by the Rules
  199. Bumper Stickers that Do Not Comfort the Person Behind You
  200. Gus
  201. The Mysterious Tool For Cutting Metal
  202. A Poem
  203. In the Sun
  204. Edible Geometry
  205. This is How we Roll on our Bookshelving
  206. Late Winter Can be Beautiful
  207. The Girl With the Shadow Tattoo
  208. Legoland Toronto
  209. Hopefully, We Haven't Bitten Off More than We Can Chew...
  210. A Cover Reveal of Sorrow's Knot, by Erin Bow
  211. It's My Little Steampunk Pony!
  212. Despite Radio Silence, I'm Still Writing.
  213. Our Subsequent Deaths Were Agonizing, and Not at all Quick
  214. An Open Letter of Complaint to Onterra Farms Inc.,
  215. Going Underground
  216. Belated Blog Anniversary
  217. Hulk vs. She Hulk
  218. A Nice Place to Visit...
  219. Apple Workarounds
  220. We'll See How Brave You Are...
    The Night Girl Starts Over
  221. Thoughts from the Married Brain
  222. The Door Opens Both Ways
  223. The Guy With the Train in His Basement
  224. In the Emergency Waiting Room at Grand River Hospital
  225. Why I Support the Teachers, Even Though Tomorrow Promises to be a Big Fat Pain in the Ass
  226. The Year of the Consulting Writer
  227. Losing Connections
  228. Merry Christmas 2012
  229. The Forgotten Tax Number
  230. O, Christmas Tree
  231. Dispatches From the House of Plague
  232. Lego Girl Goes on a Lego Bender With Her Lego Friends...
  233. Lego Relationships
  234. My Next Big Thing? I Hope So.
  235. Vivian's Seventh Birthday Party
  236. Vivian's Seventh Birthday
  237. The Things that Pop In My Head
  238. Whither Self-Publishing (and Fan Fiction)
  239. The Death of Santa Claus
  240. Now Imagine this Picture Without the Message in the Bottle...
  241. Erin Runs for the Cure
  242. Drawing Breath
  243. The Worst Sounds You Can Hear
  244. Basia Bulat: It Can't Be You
  245. The Dyson Really Does Suck (And in a Good Way)
  246. How to Write Four Books in a Month
  247. Pacific Sandcastles
  248. Armpit Candy
  249. The Caves of Wood
  250. 3-2-1 Boing!
  251. Big Sky
  252. Monkeybars at Mattawan
  253. Hats!
  254. The Man I Was - IV
  255. Waiting for the Streetcar at Meadowvale
  256. Under the Rainbow Bridge
  257. News
  258. Sisters Day
  259. In Lieu of Content: Cute Kid and Flowers
  260. Vivian Stops Believing in the Tooth Fairy
  261. A Guest of the Daleks
  262. Nora Graduates From Preschool
  263. Little Gardener
  264. Father's Day
  265. In Lieu of Content...
  266. The Waiting Game
  267. Last Chance to See
  268. Jasper Climax
  269. Big Sky
  270. Off the Grid
  271. Heading West (by Rail)
  272. The Man I Was - III
  273. Ghost Stories
  274. Metallic Love
  275. Well Dressed Up
  276. The Maid on the Shore
  277. Supermoon!
  278. Well, what did you WANT me to do?
  279. Quick Hits - April 30
  280. Eleanor Grace's Fourth Birthday
  281. So Big, and Yet So Small
  282. The Man I Was II
  283. Slow Patch
  284. An Illustration of Inflation
  285. Busy Week
  286. The Last Image This Camera Ever Took...
  287. Look! Look!
  288. Attentive
  289. My, Grandpa! What Big Patties You Have!
  290. Good Knight
  291. The Man I Was
  292. Conjunction
  293. Celebrating the Arrival of Early Spring
  294. Sisters
  295. Red Belt
  296. The Lion of March Was Delayed Three Days
  297. Playing Princess
  298. Roasting Marshmallows
  299. And Now For a Little Cross-Promotion
  300. Having breakfast at the corner of King and Dufferin.
  301. Bless Me Burger Priest, For I Have Sinned
  302. Dispatches From Other Blogs
  303. Valentine's Day at the Bow Residence
  304. First Post - Ten Years Later
  305. Traffic Education
  306. A Lazy Day in the Headline Writing Department
  307. A Not-So-Good Day
  308. Attack of the Zombie Lego Hordes!
  309. A Groundhog Day Resolution
  310. Can there Be Anything Better in this House?
  311. Lousy Farch Weather
  312. The Ballet Dancer and the Karate Kid
  313. The Absurd Cypher (Quick Sherlock Fan Fiction)
  314. A Winter Getaway to Sandusky, Ohio
  315. Harry Potter Hogwarts LEGO Game Reviewed
  316. The Year of Anticipation
  317. The Shepherd
    The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe Reviewed
  318. Taking a Family Photograph
  319. The Insensitivity of Numbers
  320. Coffee Communities
  321. Irons in the Fire
  322. The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe
  323. Patrick Patron Turnbull
  324. Tick Tock Goes The Clock...
  325. The First School Fad
  326. Brevity's Soulful Wit
  327. My Daughters are Rock Stars
  328. Thirteenth Anniversary
  329. An Inspiration For Icarus Down
  330. In Preschool, Nora Takes Shop.
  331. Burlington Waterfront
  332. Plain Kate Wins the TD Canadian Children's Literature Award
  333. Queens For a Day
  334. Dear 1970s: What The Hell Were You Thinking?
  335. Good Morning Vancouver
  336. Back to School and Back to Work
  337. The Sound of Children's Laughter
  338. Horses
  339. The Balloons of Indianola
  340. Off the Beaten Track...
  341. The Dog Days
  342. Trying Times
  343. Sisters' Day
  344. On Top of Mount Trashmore
  345. A New Identity
  346. Erin's Good Week (In Spite of Strep Throat)
  347. Humanity's Dangerous Ability to Make Connections Between Things
  348. The Crib Vanishes
  349. Pain, Inspiration, Befuddlement, Joy
  350. Sliders!
  351. Let's Go Fly a Kite (and Vote)
  352. Eleanor Grace's Third Birthday
  353. Somehow, I See an Allegory to the NDP...
  354. James Bow: Now as Old as Jack Benny
  355. A New Reader
  356. It's a Tough Job, But...
  357. Cultural Osmosis
  358. Ninth Blog Anniversary
  359. Rainbow Cake
  360. The Negotiator
  361. Plain Kate Reviewed in the New York Times
  362. The Year of Plain Kate
  363. Winter in Lincoln
  364. Sledding in Des Moines
  365. Back in Benton Harbor
  366. Waiting for Christmas
  367. Christmas Lights in Waterloo
  368. Sick...
  369. The Weirdest Blast From the Past
  370. Yes, They Are That Good
  371. Thank You Centennial
  372. Lucille Kribell O'Connor (1920-2010)
  373. Parental Thoughts
  374. Okay, Seriously, What's Up With This?!
  375. On Five Years of Parenting
  376. Carving Pumpkins
  377. Grin and Bear It
  378. Erin Launches Plain Kate at Waterloo's Words Worth Books This Afternoon
  379. What Are You Doing?
    Just Watching Some Guy Pull a Firetruck
  380. The Storms of September
  381. Happy Birthday Plain Kate
  382. Updates on My Life
  383. A New Look
  384. A Call to Food and Drink
  385. The Road to Fitness
  386. Convergence
  387. Behind the Sofa
  388. 1 a.m. in Chelsea, Michigan
  389. On the Latest Dispatch by Fred "No Fun" Phelps
  390. I am Supporting Impoverished School Libraries in California
  391. Random Ideas of Varying Quality.
  392. Remembering Wendy, Five Years Later
  393. The Revolution May Be Twittered
  394. On Rule 34
  395. Stardust Memories
  396. If We Can Make It Here...
  397. Out of the Mouths of Four Year Olds
  398. Cultural Influences
  399. A Frightening Responsibility
  400. Easter Rainbow
  401. March Break
  402. Family Portraits
  403. A Few Self-Indulgent Moans
  404. Happy Eighth Birthday, Blog
  405. Erin's Plain Kate Debuts this September.
  406. The Year of the Red Jellybean
  407. I'm Dreaming...
  408. Christmas Lights in Lincoln
  409. Niagara Falls, New York
  410. Counting down to Christmas... and Doctor Who
  411. Vivian Katherine's Fourth Birthday
  412. Fighting Sleep Apnea II
  413. Eleanor's Second Halloween
  414. Fighting Sleep Apnea
  415. Letting Go
  416. Vivian in Kindergarten. Nora Bides Her Time
  417. Renovation Creep
  418. Vivi and Me and the CNE
  419. Tornado Power!
  420. How to Write a Book in Ten Days
  421. In a Handful of Sand
  422. Writing Update From Lincoln
  423. Lollipop! Lollipop!
  424. Fashion Victim
  425. The Age of Sneak
  426. Kid Gluttony
  427. Remembering Wendy
  428. My Daughter Speaks in Jabberwock
  429. Undervaluing the Other Parents
  430. Nora's First Haircut
  431. The Next Phase...
  432. Brief Comments on Where My Life is Today
  433. Thank you Rockway!
  434. Eleanor Grace's First Birthday
  435. Bolt from the Blue
  436. Halfway to Las Vegas
  437. Hoist!
  438. Rumours of my Death and All That
  439. The Replacements
  440. Waiting for the Replacements
  441. A Bit of an Arduous Trip
  442. Happy 175th Birthday, Toronto
  443. Mustang Pride
  444. Seven Years of Blogging. No Itch.
  445. Family Literacy Day
  446. The Year of the Red Jelly Bean
  447. Cold City. Warm Heart.
  448. Travelling to Ottawa
  449. The Long Road Back to Fitness
  450. Slowly Starting 2009
  451. The Year of the Possum
  452. Thank God for Snow Tires
  453. The Illusion of Permanence in Babies
  454. Odds Bods - October 9
  455. Updates, Corrections and Comments
  456. News from the House of Plague
  457. WAHOO!!!
  458. Multiculturalism is More than the Sum of its Parts
  459. Vivian's third birthday and Halloween
  460. What I'm working on...
  461. Why Does Improving a Story So Often Involve Grievious Bodily Harm to the Characters?
  462. The Real Tenth Anniversary
  463. Monarch Canopy
  464. Eleanor's Chinese Name
  465. Eleanor Grace Isabella's Baptism
  466. Father of Daughters
  467. Vivian's First Haircut
  468. Oh, How I Love to go up in a Swing!
  469. A Call to Food and Drink
    (Waterloo-Wellington Blogstravaganza on June 14)
  470. The Cake is a Lie!
  471. The Geek Starts Here
  472. News From the Face of Boe... er... Bow
  473. On The Things You Forget (and Bad Metaphors)
  474. Eleanor Grace's Zeroth Birthday
  475. Family Health Update
  476. Another Long Night Ahead
  477. Hard Day, Better Evening
  478. The Secret Prudes
  479. Fool For Love
  480. Reasoning With a Two-Year-Old
  481. Waiting for Nora
  482. Making Sandwiches
  483. Driving Through a Winter Wonderland
  484. Six Years Conversing Among Friends
  485. Beating Winter
  486. The Art of Fan Fiction
  487. Long Night Ahead?
  488. The Year of the Mongoose
  489. Carousel
  490. Blogging from Lincoln, Nebraska
  491. Merry Christmas 2007
  492. Calm For Christmas
  493. First Baby Pictures, Part 2
  494. Stanley Kukwa (1939-2007)
  495. What's Vivian Thinking?
  496. Vivian's Third Christmas Tree
  497. The War on the Holidays
  498. Daddy Needs a New Pair of Shoes
  499. What's on Your iPod?
  500. The Toys Strike Back!
  501. Vivian Katherine's Second Birthday
  502. Vivian's Second Halloween
  503. Ninth Anniversary
  504. These Are a Few of My Favourite Things
  505. Dennis Heide (1947-2007)
  506. I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got
  507. Family Photographs
  508. Mackerel Skies
  509. Working Madly
  510. The Long and Winding Road to Owen Sound
  511. The Gus Odyssey
  512. On the Town of Boone, Iowa
  513. And Thank You Toronto!
  514. Taking Bets on the Fire Drill
  515. Rise of the Machines, Part II
  516. Perils of Child Rearing that Other Parents See Fit Not to Warn You About
  517. U.N.I.T. versus Torchwood
  518. Quick Hits - May 28
  519. Waterloo-Wellington Blogstravaganza Invitation
  520. Does Anybody Remember Blinky?
  521. Gearing Up, Gearing Up!
  522. Threading the Needle Between Stratford and Woodstock
  523. How Andre Boisclair Could Have Avoided Defeat
  524. Ontario's Little Known Germ Warfare Program
  525. Beware the Politician With the Courage to Say What She Thinks
  526. Declaration of Independence
  527. Quick Hits - March 8
  528. Everything is About to Change?
  529. Five Years of Blogging (and I'm not Stopping)
  530. Justice Must be Blind, But it Should Still Make Sense
  531. Vivian at 1¼
  532. Portrait in Bubble
  533. The Night Girl Passes 20,000 Words
  534. The Year of Vivian
  535. The Long Christmas
  536. Merry Christmas 2006
  537. Not a Tragedy
  538. Grandma Cora Pheifer (1908-2006)
  539. Sunset Over Ancaster
  540. Night of the Underdogs
  541. An Object Lesson in Identity Theft
  542. Stop the Presses! Vivian Walks!
  543. The Rise of the Machines
  544. The Best Mexican Restaurant North (and South) of the Rio Grande?
  545. Vivian Katherine's First Birthday
  546. Vivian's First Halloween
  547. Welcome Back Kot-- er.. Doctor! (School Reunion Reviewed)
  548. Fortress Bow
  549. Home Movies
  550. Spirited Energy - Lame Marketing
  551. Memorial
  552. Complimenting Babies
  553. The Importance of Being James II
  554. First Steps
  555. Vivian Katherine's Baptism
  556. Mothering Sunday
  557. Walking for Wendy
  558. Mayday! Mayday! (Quick Hits for May 1st)
  559. Ow! Ow! Ow! Where's the Secret Service Guys When You Need Them?
  560. Nine Months
  561. Erin Reads at the Brantford Armouries
  562. A Surfeit of Oh So Cute!
  563. The Sippy Cup Prodigy
  564. Living With Writers
  565. New Father's Moment
  566. Proud Parenthood Moments
  567. The End of the Fourth Trimester
  568. The BANPC Doesn't Partake in the Political Trough
  569. Wendy Noteboom Ewell Scholarship
  570. The Year Everything Changed
  571. Due North From Lincoln
  572. Merry Christmas 2005
  573. Hush Little Baby...
  574. I Just Want to Know Why...
  575. Sadness Is...
  576. Happiness Is...
  577. Olivia Chow Quits Council to go Federal
  578. The Kindness of Strangers
  579. The Missing Placesetting
  580. Everything I Know about Pregnancy, I Learned by Madly Trying to Forget About Coupling
  581. Vivian's Chinese Name
  582. Baby Bureaucracy
  583. Actually, Uncle Lars Won the Baby Pool
  584. Vivian Katherine's Zeroth Birthday
  585. Mother Earth
  586. Ach, Crivens! (Wee Free Men Reviewed)
  587. Forty Weeks!
  588. Rosemary and Time now The Unwritten Girl
  589. Hope for Humanity (Message to James DiBenedetto)
  590. Google 2084
  591. Thirty-Eight Weeks
  592. The Centre of the Universe
  593. Entering the Last Month of Pregnancy (We Hope)
  594. Interesting Tidbits
  595. Death Becomes Us (No, not really)
  596. "Never Do Anything You Don't Love"
  597. Canada: The Manual
  598. Where Wendy Resides
  599. Postcards from the Dead
  600. For Wendy
  601. Blog Off, For Now
  602. Ultrasound Misconceptions
  603. First Baby Pictures
  604. The Ultimate in Suck
  605. Defending (Oh, God) McGuinty
  606. Third Blog Birthday; 1000th Blog Post and News
  607. 2004 in Review
  608. Brace Yourself Florida
  609. Memo to FEMA
  610. Dreams Within Dreams
  611. Tenth Anniversary
  612. Reconquering the Bedroom - Death to Builders' Beige!
  613. Farewell 2003
  614. When Holidays Attack!
  615. A Night on the Town
  616. Literary Influences
  617. Whew!
  618. Big Day Today
  619. Five Years Ago Today...
  620. A Bevy of Apartment Improvements
  621. What's Happening this Weekend
  622. In Search of the Neighbourhood Gems
  623. Really Interesting Things
  624. So, How Did it Go?
  625. Ghost Maps Has Landed
  626. The Belle of Eden Mills
  627. Back to School
  628. Moving My Father's Fridge
  629. R.I.P Freddy
  630. Freddy's Last Stand
  631. Sweet Sangria
  632. Circulation Manager at Alternatives Journal
  633. Running a Different Kind of Blogathon
  634. Weekend Roundup
  635. Happy Birthday Canada -- OW!!
  636. In the Aftermath of Family Visits
  637. Erin's Going to the Maritimes!
  638. To Do This Week
  639. Impossible Things
  640. Free Furniture! Let's Get Stripping!
  641. What's Happening to Me Lately
  642. What I've Been Doing Today and Monday
  643. Lazy Weekend
  644. Conversations We Overhear Day to Day
  645. Chugging Along
  646. More Fireworks
  647. Victoria Day Fireworks
  648. The Hour of the Wolf
  649. Salvation For A Dollar
  650. A Quietly Productive Weekend
  651. The End of the Cruelest Month
  652. Recapturing My Time
  653. Jam Cam!
  654. A Meme from A to Z
  655. Lazy Sunday Morning
  656. The Sound of Silence
  657. Wacky Saturday
  658. And Happy Valentine's Day Too
  659. A Wheem O Way! A Wheem O Way!
  660. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
  661. Been Down Ill
  662. Conversation Between a Married Couple on a Saturday Afternoon
  663. Driving Home From the Gym in Dan's Car
  664. All Alone
  665. It's Been a Good Holiday...
  666. Goodbye 2002, Hello 2003
  667. Getting Ready For Christmas
  668. It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas
  669. Welcome to December
  670. Thursday Musings
  671. Erin's iMac is Fixed!
  672. Coraline
  673. Busy Weekend
  674. Thanksgiving in October
  675. Words on a Friday Afternoon
  676. The Vaguaries of Time
  677. The Weekend and This Week
  678. What A Way to Spend a Friday Evening
  679. Buffy and the Remnants of Isidore
  680. A Literary Minefield
  681. The Mind Doesn't Like Walking Backwards
  682. Back to School
  683. The Ceiling Fan in the Kitchen
  684. It's Getting Better All the Time
  685. Schmoozing in Eden Mills
  686. Reason Why I Hate Summer #3
  687. Bathing a Cat
  688. Holy Innocents
  689. This Really Sucks (Updated)
  690. Reasons for Optimism
  691. Boys of Summer
  692. Some Odds and Ends
  693. Cluck Cluck Cluck
  694. Getting Better Today
  695. I'm Married to an Amazing Woman
  696. MultiCultural Penicillin
  697. Sick Bed
  698. But That's Another Story
  699. Fathers Day
  700. Introducing Vivid
  701. The Day the Furniture Turned Upside-Down
  702. Publishing Erin!
  703. End of a Work Era
  704. Birthday Boy!
  705. Thirty Years Ago Today...
  706. wRites of Spring
  707. Erin Wins Big Poetry Grant!
  708. Erin Lands an Art Council Grant!
  709. All By Myself
  710. The Importance of Communication
  711. Reading Before the UW English Society