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  1. My Dear Watson
    A Study in Charlotte Reviewed
  2. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children Reviewed.
  3. Tell Me a Story
    Kate Milford's The Green Glass House Reviewed.
  4. A Hero's Journey
    J.M. Frey's The Untold Tale Reviewed
  5. The Art of Scorpions
  6. The Machine Stops
  7. Ruth Graham is Embarrassed that You Like Young Adult Novels So Much.
  8. Do You Ever Get the Impression that the Makers of this Book Series Have Given Up?
  9. Vivian Reads
  10. An Honest Assessment of What Star Wars Really Is
  11. Promoting Some Interesting Projects
  12. A Cover Reveal of Sorrow's Knot, by Erin Bow
  13. Hamlet Rewritten as a Choose Your Own Adventure Book
  14. Kate Thompson's The New Policeman Reviewed
  15. Angels and Tigers and Clowns, Oh My!
    Jon Berkeley's The Palace of Laughter Reviewed
  16. Rebuilding the Library at Slave Lake
  17. Huzzah! (Philip Reeve's Larklight Reviewed)
  18. Rebel/Wayfarer Reviewed
  19. Plain Kate Reviewed in the New York Times
  20. Some Long Overdue Writing Business
  21. The Devil Came Down to Missouri
    Kate Milford's The Boneshaker Reviewed
  22. A Sense of Closure
    I Shall Wear Midnight, Reviewed
  23. For Queen and Country
    The Hunchback Assignments, books one and two, reviewed
  24. Um... Who's Driving? (The Story, I Mean)
  25. Erin Launches Plain Kate at Waterloo's Words Worth Books This Afternoon
  26. A Guest Blog by Darby Christopher
  27. The Crowfield Curse Reviewed
  28. Oh, to be Banned in Alabama
  29. Scholastic Unveils Book Trailer for Plain Kate
  30. What is Steampunk?
  31. Updates on My Life
  32. Stoneheart Reviewed
  33. Flora Segunda
  34. If We Can Make It Here...
  35. Shortcuts to Success
  36. Erin's Plain Kate Debuts this September.
  37. The True Meaning of Smekday Reviewed
  38. Terry Pratchett's Unseen Academicals Reviewed
  39. The Magic Thief: Lost, Reviewed.
  40. Congratulations to Arthur Slade for Gaining a Hunchback
  41. Gods and Monsters and Titans, Oh, My!
    (Percy Jackson and the Olympians Reviewed)
  42. "Fear Me. I Control the Mighty Black Olive"
  43. So, You Want to be a Wizard?
    (The Young Wizards Series, Books 1-3, Reviewed)
  44. The Graveyard Book Reviewed
  45. Knife / Fairy Rebels: Spell Hunter Reviewed
  46. Pride and Prejudice. With Zombies.
  47. Getting to Know You...
    (The Magic Thief Reviewed)
  48. And the Walls Come Tumbling Down (Again)
  49. Family Literacy Day
  50. Jolted, by Arthur Slade, Reviewed
  51. Perseus' Odyssey (The Sea of Monsters Reviewed)
  52. Terry Pratchett's Nation Reviewed
  53. Breaking the Sky
    (Starclimber Reviewed)
  54. The People Behind the Politics of the Canadian Blogosphere - Week 4: Favourite Recipes
  55. BBAW: The Why of Blogging
  56. Ye, Gods! (The Lightning Thief Reviewed)
  57. Bite Me Stephanie Meyer!
    (Twilight Reviewed)
  58. Beginning the Long Trip Home
  59. Small Gods
  60. The Man Who Should Be Prime Minister
  61. When Cities Roam No More
    (A Darkling Plain Reviewed)
  62. I'll See Your Meme, and Raise You One
  63. Making PATHs
  64. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell Reviewed
  65. Philip Reeve's World, Sixteen Years Later
    (Infernal Devices Reviewed)
  66. The Golden Compass: the Poop hits the Fan
  67. Prisoners in the Promised Land
  68. The Fall of Moist von Lipwig and the Rise of Ankh-Morpork
  69. Madeleine L'Engle (1918-2007)
  70. Entering Pratchett's World
    (Mort, Soul Music, the Hogfather and Thief of Time Reviewed)
  71. Searching for the next Harry Potter
  72. This City Lives
  73. Why Harry Potter Works
  74. Italo Calvino and Me
  75. Ice Dancing (Wintersmith Reviewed)
  76. Anchorage Returns to America
  77. Nancy Drew's Hip Granddaughter (Strange Times at Western High Reviewed)
  78. In Conversation with Kenneth Oppel
  79. Fairy Tales in Secret
  80. When Cities Walked the Earth (Mortal Engines Reviewed)
  81. Girl, 15, Charming but (not) Insane. Just Your Typical (funny) Teenager
  82. Edna Staebler (1906-2006)
  83. Harry Potter and the Fear of Christians
  84. Science Fiction and Fantasy Living Together (Milo's Wolves Reviewed)
  85. The Thief Lord
  86. Rainbow & Mr. Zed
  87. The Baby Bonus Has Arrived
  88. Mike Filey's Ninth Toronto Sketches Reviewed
  89. Deconstructing Dylan
  90. When Young Adult Fantasy Turns Adult (Hexwood Reviewed)
  91. Balyet
  92. Quick Hits - January 17
  93. Harry Potter Grows Up
  94. Time After Time (A Tale of Time City)
  95. A Hat Full of Sky
  96. Ach, Crivens! (Wee Free Men Reviewed)
  97. 20,000 Leagues Above the Sea
  98. 'Scuse me, while I break the sky!
  99. Speed Bumps Ahead
  100. Harry Potter and the Death of Trees
  101. Fifteen Conservatives Pick the Ten 'Most Harmful' Books of the Past Two Centuries
  102. Howl's Moving Castle
  103. TARDIS vs. Enterprise
  104. Why Are Zeppelins Making a Comeback in Children's Literature?
  105. Where's Harry Turtledove?
  106. Jay Currie is a Bigot?
  107. A Supporter of the Iraq War Repents
  108. Cloning Harry Potter
  109. Australia Rocks!
  110. We're Back!
  111. Important Books
  112. Fairy Tales in Secret
  113. Yesterday Was International Talk Like a Pirate Day
  114. Back to School
  115. I Have the G-G Winner In My Car (Well, Almost)
  116. The Order of the Phoenix and the Carpet
  117. Look Out! Here Comes Harry Potter!
  118. Ultramarine
  119. More Reviews, Reviews, Reviews
  120. Harry Potter and the Doorstop of Voldemort
  121. Neat Things
  122. Reviewing His Dark Materials Sequence V - Is Philip Pullman Really So Anti-Christian, and Why Do I Care?
  123. Reviewing His Dark Materials Sequence IV - Did Philip Pullman Really Kill God?
  124. Reviewing His Dark Materials Sequence III - Philip Pullman vs. Christianity
  125. Reviewing His Dark Materials Sequence II - Normal People (a.k.a. The Silent Majority of Christians, among others)
  126. Reviewing His Dark Materials Sequence I - Philip Pullman's Universe
  127. Pringles, Spam and Books
  128. Coraline
  129. John Ashcroft Reads?
  130. Daemon Sex!
  131. The Subtle Flaw
  132. Digging Into the Subtle Knife
  133. A Literary Minefield
  134. Back to School
  135. Random Thoughts on a Sunday Afternoon
  136. If Only They'd Banned the Books at Alexandria Instead...
  137. Hats Off to Ursula K. LeGuin
  138. Well, It Blows.
  139. The Chronicles of Crestomanci Series Reviewed
  140. I Hate Slytherin For All the Wrong Reasons
  141. Tea With the Black Dragon
  142. An Acceptable Time Review
  143. A House Like a Lotus Review
  144. A Swiftly Tilting Planet Review
  145. A Wind in the Door Review
  146. A Wrinkle in Time Review
  147. Biography of the Murry-O'Keefe Family, from 1956-2001