The Dream King's Daughter Archives

  1. Run, Boy, Run!
    The Sun Runners Soundtrack
  2. News
  3. The Names of Things V
    When Isaac Became Simon, and Vice Versa
  4. Contemplating Failure
  5. The Nightmare Queen
  6. How to Write a Book in Ten Days
  7. Rural Fantasy
  8. "The Dream King's Daughter" and "Plain Kate" Win Major Ontario Arts Council Grants
  9. The Curious Case of the Missing Swiss Chalet in Winnipeg
  10. The Importance of Beta Readers
  11. Why Does Improving a Story So Often Involve Grievious Bodily Harm to the Characters?
  12. Suspended in Gaffa
  13. Wrestling With Glorfindel
  14. The Dream King's Daughter Loses its Prologue
  15. Revising on the Fly
    (A New Prologue for The Dream King's Daughter)
  16. The Dream Begins...
    (The Dream King's Daughter Gets a Prologue)
  17. Bringing the Edge in
    (The Dream King's Daughter rewrite begins)
  18. A Big Thank You to Ryerson Public School and Deloitte
  19. The Dream King's Daughter: My Fifth Novel
  20. The Dream King's Daughter Passes 40,000 Words
  21. Suddenly it's Easier Being Green...
  22. A Murder of Crows
  23. Girl Disappearing
    (The Dream King's Daughter Passes 30,000 Words)
  24. Breakfast and Lunch
    (The Dream King's Daughter Passes 25,000 Words)
  25. The Dream King's Daughter Reaches 20,000 Words
  26. The Art of Fan Fiction
  27. Top Ten Signs You're Reading Something by James Bow
  28. Winter Wonderland
  29. Aurora's Long Night
  30. Aurora Awakes
    (The Dream King's Daughter Passes 10,000 Words)
  31. Aurora Dreams of Lake Winnipeg
  32. Big Rig
    (More Dream King's Daughter)
  33. When Aurora Met Polk
    (The Dream King's Daughter Passes 5,000 Words)
  34. Introducing The Dream King's Daughter