Entering a New Fanfic World

After fifteen years of writing Doctor Who fan fiction, I’ve finally branched out and written a novel that isn’t set in someone else’s universe. It’s a good feeling to have a story which stands a snowball’s chance of being published.

The story is called Rosemary and Time and features fourteen-year-old Rosemary Watson, a bookish girl who can often be found reading encyclopedias and science books, but who can not finish a fiction novel to save her life. In revenge, the characters of all of her unfinished novels gather together and kidnap her older brother. So, with the help of a friend from school named Peter, and a sympathetic character named Puck, Rosemary must journey into the Land of Fiction in order to rescue her brother.

I have submitted my story to the Delacorte Press Contest for First Young Adult Novel run by Random House. Longshot or no, I’ll know by May 1st how I did. We’ll see. I’m just having fun with Rosemary and Peter, and am already working on a sequel, entitled Fathom Five. Wish me luck! I know I’ll need it, but I’ve already had my fun.

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