The Trenchcoat Farewell Project

Things have been going well on the Trenchcoat Farewell Project, a drive by me and my contributors to rerelease all the fanzines of Trenchcoat, including previously unpublished material, in a single hardbound volume.

I can’t help but be mindful of the fact that it’s been two years since we started this, but we continue to make slow but sure progress. Putting together a 900 page fanzine isn’t easy. Surprisingly enough, though, it’s the artwork which is proving to be the stumbling block. We had eleven unfinished stories when we started on this project and now we’re down to four. However, of the eighteen stories which require new artwork, only six have been completed.

Nothing we can do about this; real life continues to wield its influence on all of us. Is it ironic that the issue which stopped the fanzine originally continues to plague its farewell? Or is it hardly surprising? Oh, well. We are making progress, however.

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