As you can see,

As you can see, I've given this website a new look. Much as I liked the boxes of my old site, I did not like how unbalanced the two columns of boxes were. Removing the box around the blogger text fixes that. I also like the colour scheme more. There's still some tweaks to be made, of course. Do you like the new look? Do you have suggestions on how to improve it? If so, leave a comment.

I've rewritten chapter four of Fathom Five, basically changing a dream sequence where Peter goes to school and sees first hand how isolated he is into a scene where he really does go to school and thinks he sees how isolated he is. Dream sequences can be effective, but they can also be a cop-out, and in this case I think it was a cop-out. I like the interplay between the students, wondering just what is happening to Peter, and how that diverges from what Peter actually hears. Moving the action from Peter's home to the school also fixes a logic problem in getting Rosemary to follow him.

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