Dumb Quizzes

Does anybody here think that these "who am I" polls have gone a little too far? I realize that sometimes it's fun to spend a few minutes answering random questions about yourself and suddenly discovering what Harry Potter character you are most like (I'm Hermione!), or what science-fiction author you would most enjoy reading (who's Aldous Huxley?). Nowadays, however, you can't take many trips through other people's blogs without stumbling over what Tarot cards the authors are or what colours they are most like.

What is the scientific basis for this? Never mind scientific basis: who the heck sat down and thought "gee, if you like driving fast cars, you're the colour red" or "if you like long, romantic nature walks, you're the colour green"?

Well, that does make sense, now that I think of it...

But what statistical analysis was done? Who made the correlations? Who's to tell me whether I'm green or blue, and why? Evidence, people! I want evidence!

There are far too many of these polls out there, and with conclusions which are too silly to even laugh at. I, for one, will not be in mourning once this fad draws to a close.


So which letter of the alphabet matches YOUR personality, huh?

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