Fathom Five Down, Young City Up

The Flatiron Building, Toronto

Stories wax and wane in the mind, and sometimes one story waxes while another one wanes.

I’ve decided to set Fathom Five aside for the time being. The middle part was not gelling, and so I’m putting it onto the back burner and allowing it to stew. (To which Erin replies: “and you’re hoping to make it gell? I’m not allowing you into the kitchen unattended anymore”) Besides, The Young City really wants to be written, right now. This is a little problematic as this story needs heavy research in order to make the setting of Toronto 1884 real, and I’m not in a position to do heavy research at the moment, but we’ll see what’s needed. Already, I have half of one chapter complete, and much of the storyline in outline. I should be able to inflict it on my writers groups soon.

To all of you Peter and Rosemary shippers out there, you should like this: the two characters are in love and pretty shameless about it at the beginning of the book.

The image here is a picture of Toronto’s famous Flatiron Building, circa 1898. Peter and Rosemary will be heading to Toronto years before this building was built. I discovered the picture at this corporation’s website.

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