All By Myself

I just sent Erin off to New York City to spend a weekend with her sister and her mother; sort of a girls’ weekend out. I drove her to Buffalo Airport. Made excellent time: was at the border in two hours, cleared it in five minutes and was at the airport a half hour after that. I lingered a bit at some coffee shops on the way back.

I often appreciated the chance to spend some time to myself, and I expect to enjoy myself later this weekend, but right now the house is sounding awfully quiet. At least Gus is around to keep me company.

I will take this opportunity to write more of The Young City this weekend, and perhaps pay a visit to Toronto to see some of the historical buildings. Right now, Peter and Rosemary are wandering the streets, still trying to clue into what just happened to them. It may be a little while before they accept the truth.

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