From the Sometimes it Doesn't Pay to Get Out of Bed Department

Ford Escort

Was looking forward to heading into Toronto this morning, but I must have got flustered or something on my way out, because I kept on leaving stuff behind: my briefcase, my notebook, my books, etc, and I kept on having to go back inside the house.

Finally, I get into my car, put my keys in the ignition, and I realize that I’ve left something else behind. Grumbling, I storm out, head to my front door, and feel my right-front pocket instinctively for my house keys.

Then it hits me: my house keys are on the same ring as my car keys.

I’ve left the car keys in the ignition.

I’ve just locked my car.

Call CAA.

They come along just a few minutes later to find me standing red-faced beside my automobile. They’re able to get past the locks in alarmingly quick time. So, while I was heading back inside to get my stuff, I thought I’d share my experience here.

Let’s try this again…

The previous blog entry was brought to you by the Canadian Urban Transit Association. You could have avoided this if you had just taken a bus.

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