Faith From Out of Nowhere

Erin is back from NYC, and I am happy!

Apparently, New York City was a treat. The St. Patrick’s Day Parade was just HUGE, as you can well imagine. Erin’s comment: “Just how many Irish cops does New York City HAVE?” My guess? More standing officers than the Canadian Army, probably. They also attended an opera and looked at paintings in the Met. Erin’s sister, Wendy won second prize in her art class for one of her works, and it was a treat to see it hanging on the gallery wall (another gallery; not the Met… yet). The flight and trip back was uneventful.

I wrote another few pages of The Young City in longhand. Although I’m quickly reaching the point where I’ll need to stop and do some heavy research, I like how the story is developing. Edmund’s sister, Faith, is developing well for a character I didn’t envision as being part of the story when I first started it. Originally, I pictured Peter and Rosemary getting assistance from a pawn shop owner named Edmund Watson; his sister was an invisible source of period clothing for Rosemary.

Then Faith stepped out and demanded some screen time. This young, intelligent, bleeding-heart suffragette promises to make things interesting, and she’s already stepped forward to help along an early plot point. She and Rosemary will start out on the wrong foot, but are sure to end up as fast friends. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with her.

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