Historical Research

Went down to the old Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library yesterday and sat myself behind a newspaper microfilm reader for two hours, looking up old issues of the Globe. This will prove useful in researching The Young City, but I will need much more than two hours to do this job properly.

I strongly suspect that the Globe was something of an evangelical Protestant paper in 1884. It wasn’t difficult to find articles on temperance, much of it preceded with the title “SCOTT ACT CAMPAIGN”. Since Faith is a suffragette, and temperance went hand in hand with that movement, I’m thinking that temperance has to have a part to play in this story.

Here’s an article:

The Globe - Tuesday, July 1, 1884


The Measure to be Submitted to Wellington and Guelph

Enthusiastic Convention in Fergus

Local Hotel Keepers Refuse to Entertain Delegates to the Meeting.

FERGUS, June 27 - A large and enthusiastic meeting of the Temperence Workers of Wellington County and the City of Guelph was convened under the auspices of the Ontario Branch of the Dominion Alliance in the Presbyterian Church of this town yesterday, to take into consideration the desirability of submitting the Canada Temperance Act in the county and city. Upwards of one hundred delegates from the various municipalities were in attendance…”

The Globe goes on to report on other activities in support of the Scott Act taking place in Brant, Stormont-Dundas, Simcoe, Perth and Lambton Counties.

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