The Young City and The Bias Against Fantasy

More news from 1884:

The Globe - Tuesday, July 15, 1884


  • Another child has been run over by a Toronto street car
  • Toronto Local Health Board recommends that city wells be closed
  • Toronto’s sanitary police will make another house to house inspection
  • The death rate from Canadian cholera is assuming large proportions in Montreal
  • As a precaution against cholera, the thickly populated tenement districts of New York City are being disinfected.

Wrote another 500 words for The Young City yesterday. Peter and Rosemary will soon find shelter, and then have to live with the consequences of people assuming they’re a young, married couple. I also completed the first draft of the Rosemary and Time synopsis. I’m considering four publishers, and hope to get synopses and sample chapters off by the end of this week, or early next week.

Seriously peeved that, although The Lord of the Rings got thirteen nominations, the most prestigious one they could take was Best Make Up. Ian McKellen losing Best Supporting Actor stung the worst. The fix was in! What will it take for a science fiction or fantasy story to gain respect in our bookstores, television sets and movie theatres?

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