A Sad Joke

Yet More news from 1884:

The Globe - Tuesday, July 15, 1884


A Girl Pours Sulphuric Acid on a Workmates’ Head

Marked For Life

COBOURG, July 14 - On Saturday last as Lina Boswell was washing clothes she was approached by Minnie Stillwell, who took up a bottle lying on the window and, telling her that she would anoint her with “holy water”, proceeded to pour the liquid on the young girl’s head. The victim commenced to scream, and soon all the mill was in an uproar, and the liquid was found to be vitriol. The side of the young girls’ face as well as her neck and arms are seriously burned. She will be marked for life.

A small sign that we’ve come a ways in improving worker safety in our factories.

Another 500 words on The Young City!

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