Fiction Matters

I'm still struggling putting together a synopsis for Rosemary and Time. Amazing, isn't it, how something so much shorter than a novel should be so much harder to write! However, I have the story's plot summarized and broken up under chapter headings, so I'm partway there. Now comes the time to cut, cut, cut and make things more exciting and thus more desirable for the publisher. The Young City is pushing up to 13,000 words. Peter and Rosemary have found sanctuary in the shop of Edmund and Faith Watson. After getting cleaned up, they're now in Victorian clothes... something which I see Rosemary being quite uncomfortable with. I think there will be a little more finding of the feet before bringing in this story's criminal element.

And as if I didn't have enough things on my hand, I started to write up something that's either going to be a short story, or a vignette within a larger novel. I don't know, yet, what will happen, but once it's done, who here wants to see it and comment on it? The short story / possible chapter is tentatively entitled The Bachelor Society.

I'm pleased to add R.J. Anderson to the Fiction Bloggers webring. Talk about your small world, I knew Rebecca from Doctor Who fandom and fan fiction long before I started reading Harry Potter. Then I go over to and I see a story written by R.J. Anderson. Talk about your small worlds. I'm looking forward to reading her Blog.

And, finally, since everybody else is saying it... what is UP with this freaking WEATHER?!!? The season has officially changed from winter... to Late Winter (tm). I must admit that yesterday's snow looked pretty and was excellent for building snowmen, but let's have SPRING ALREADY!

And the first person who says "you're Canadian, you should like the snow" will get whacked in the face with a trout.

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