Trudeau! Trudeau!

I very much enjoyed the CBC mini-series Trudeau shown over four hours on Sunday and Monday evening. Colm Feore was excellent; though he didn't have Trudeau's face, he had enough of his expressions, his mannerisms and his voice to carry off the illusion. And those eyes... I get the impression that if Trudeau looked at you, you were pinned to the spot.

My father also enjoyed the mini-series, but with reservations. Having lived through the era, the differences between the actors and the people my father remembered (and, in some cases, knew) jarred him out of his suspension of disbelief. As I only became politically aware when the Trudeau era came to a close, there was less to destroy the illusion.

It was all mesmerizing and very well done. Erin gasped in disbelief as the Liberal cabinet voted, one-by-one, in favour of invoking the War Measures Act. I myself didn't realize how powerful this act truly was until I saw just how afraid the cabinet was to use it. In terms of history, too much was probably made of Margaret's relationship, but this was, first and foremost, a drama, and the tragic love story was very well done. The whole thing left me breathless, and a little sad, just as Trudeau's funeral made me sad.

Where are today's Trudeau's? Love him or hate him (and, back in 1984, I hated him), you still had to respect him. He was intelligent and charismatic; he made you passionate to be on his side, or he made you passionate to oppose him. There was no middle ground and no room for mediocrity. He raised the calibre of every politician, including those on the opposition benches. Who can say that about today's politicians?

There is a wRites of spring poetry reading to be held at "The Boathouse" at 116 Gordon Avenue in Guelph on the evening of Sunday, April 14 at 7 p.m. Erin will be there to give a reading along with Marty Gervais, April Bulmer, Comelia Hoogland, James Clarke and Marianne Micros. The reading will last for an hour or so and is free to all in attendance (funds will be raised for the League of Canadian poets, however, so I expect donations are desired) and poets will have books for sale. So, come along and hear Erin read!

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