Shepherd Moons

Here's a cover I'm particularly proud of. I found both photographs on the Net, doctored them together and voila!

I've started scanning in the artwork for Jabberwocky Dreams, the Celtic nightmare sampler and the story which, in my opinion, was the first where the Trenchcoat series really clicks. The companion Fayette comes into her own in this story, and the Faery material was rich and sustaining. I would find that there was such a wealth of material to be explored that I penned a sequel, Smaointe, which I posted to the Net, and was read by a young Erin Noteboom back in 1994...

I'm proctoring this morning. Three hours of sitting in a quiet classroom while students slave over exams. It can be boring, but I'll have a laptop with me, and can do some writing. After that, I hope to head down to Oakville with Erin this afternoon and get some serious writing done. Then maybe a movie. We'll see.

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