wRites of Spring

Erin's reading at the wRites of Spring is tonight at seven. She still hasn't figured out what to read (but it's only a five minute reading). Should be fun. We'll be heading to Guelph around six. I wonder if anybody reading this Blog will be in attendance...

It's at the Boathouse in Guelph on 116 Gordon Street.

Not much to report, here. I hope to update a few websites, scan in more images for Jabberwocky Dreams and, after going to gym with Dan, clean the house.

Martin Proctor called last night with some questions about Syndicate. He's going into the artwork for this story this weekend. (Note to self: hug Martin when he's in town) As we were talking, I realized that Syndicate was ten years old. I wrote portions of it in the Dana Porter Library at the University of Waterloo well before the library was renovated. My, how times flies.

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