Overheating in Ontario's Cruel Spring

*puff* *gasp* *puff* *gasp*

Reason to hate this weather, #4: When a hot snap sneaks up on Ontario like this, most buildings aren't ready for it. I know many have complained that shopping malls and the hermetically sealed office towers are transformed into meat freezers during the height of summer, but you start to appreciate it when they *don't* turn on the air conditioning. It's hot here. Fortunately, UW had the presence of mind to turn off the heat, but the air is so still. The coolest place in the building is our server room. Our department has held more than one impromptu meeting there today...

As a public transit fanatic, there are plenty of reasons to live in the Region of Waterloo, these days. While the poor, beknighted TTC scrambles from funding cheque to funding cheque, the Region of Waterloo has made a real commitment to improving public transit for the cities of Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge. They recently voted to submit an LRT proposal to the Federal Government for partial funding. Streetcars through Uptown Waterloo? If the Feds give us the nod, it could happen!

On more realistic fronts, I've just seen the plans to revamp service in my neighbourhood. We get to keep our fifteen minute rush-hour service, but our route gets split in two, with half the route extending out into a new development which hasn't seen serious transit service before. In addition, we get a new connection to Highland Hills Mall. For once, "revamp" means "add more" rather than "take away". If only Toronto could be so lucky.

Making progress on that much delayed Rosemary and Time synopsis. Can I get the submissions out to the publishers by the beginning of next week? Stay tuned!

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