Birthday Boy!

Birthday went well, and was a quiet affair, despite Erin telling everybody at my work about it. Thank heaven’s there was no impromptu singing involved. Nope. Just a nice lunch with co-workers on a patio in some of the most wonderful weather ever, and then dinner with my parents and eating some of the best chicken wings in Ontario.

Erin got me a stovetop espresso maker. We already had one, but it’s barely big enough to make one cup of (admittedly very strong) coffee, and when I happened to chance upon a similar maker which was twice the size, I actually went “Ooo! Ooo!” and pointing like a three-year-old child. That was years ago, but Erin remembered.

I’ve been working on my third Harry Potter fan fiction story to feature Wesley. It’s been keeping my fingers nimble while ideas stew about on Fathom Five and The Young City. Re-reading Fathom Five, I must say that I quite like the story. I think it has a strong beginning, and the relationship between Rosemary and Peter develops nicely. Even the scenes in the siren world work well, though I can’t quite figure out how to sustain them. The Young City needs more research.

Erin wrote out the synopsis for Rosemary and Time, much to my delight. I hate writing synopses, and she’s put together something that’s going to get my submission read, I’m sure. Thanks, Erin! When it’s done, I may post it.

The picture shown here is Yonge Street, looking north from Adelaide, circa 1885 — another illustration of what Peter and Rosemary have gotten themselves into…

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