Tea With the Black Dragon

Finished reading R.A. MacAvoy's Tea With the Black Dragon yesterday. It was all right. The plot didn't grip me as much as it should, and the bouncing from one point-of-view to the next within scenes drove me up the wall. Ping-pong point-of-view has been a standard criticism of my work for some time, now, and now I know how it feels. Hopefully this means I'm improving. The dragon was an interesting character, but I had trouble getting to know these people because I kept bouncing from one head to the next. Mr. MacAvoy's wife, Emma Bull, does a much better job with War for the Oaks

On the other hand, Eileen Kushner's Thomas the Rhymer was an excellent read! It was sexy and compelling. Even though it was told from four different points of view, it broke those points of view up by section and stuck to them religiously. That got me much deeper into the action. Eileen's faeries are wonderfully alien and the landscape is frightening and magical.

Canada Book Day is tomorrow. Have you read a good book lately?

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