End of a Work Era

It's official: Erin's last day at work is tomorrow. We knew this was coming for a month, but thought that she might be asked to stay on a couple of weeks to let the replacement settle in. Now, however, the post will be vacant for a while. More work for me... Erin considers this her big thirtieth birthday present. She's excited and a little scared at the prospect of spending the bulk of her day on her writing, especially now that Ghost Maps is essentially done and winding its way to prospective publishers.

Me, it looks like I'm in my current place of work as long as I'd like. I'm looking for a permanent job with benefits, though, to lend more stability. I know it, and my workplace knows it.

So, we're on the cusp of an exciting couple of months. Hopefully, they should be "good-exciting". Wish us luck!

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