Smog and Pollen

Anybody who doubts the part pollution plays in pollen allergies, I offer you yesterday as a case study. It was opening day at the Halton County Radial Railway and I was up to drive some of the streetcars.

This railway museum has about a mile of track, running through thick woods in Escarpment Country. Now, on Thursday I was really sick in the city. All the trees are pollinating in the country as well. How was I?

Fine. Indeed, on occasion, my nose cleared completely. The railway museum is miles away from any big town, and the pollution levels are noticeably lower. So, to cure my allergy problems, sometimes a trip to the woods is all that I need.

Clarksbury, of Rosemary and Time and Fathom Five fame is not a real place. Actually, the name is a corruption of two places the base of the Bruce Peninsula: Clarksburg and Thornbury — twin towns. I’ve also relocated Clarksbury near Lion’s Head, Ontario, on the Bruce Peninsula itself, near Cape Croker (a real place). In Fathom Five, I arbitrarily give Cape Croker a lighthouse. Well, imagine my surprise when I discover that Cape Croker indeed has one.

I need to pay this place a visit.

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