Busy Stuffy Buffy

Haven’t had much to report about these past couple of days. Work has been busy. My nose has been stuffy. We had one hell of an episode from Buffy. And I can’t keep up this rhyme.

I’ve been occupying my spare time moving from Webring to RingSurf. That’s gone better than expected, though we’re still in the transition period.

The writing has been going slowly. The feedback coming from the Rosemary and Time reading group has been affirming and constructive, and I’m still pleased with the work I’ve done rewriting chapter five of Fathom Five thus far. I haven’t been on as much of a roll as I was a few weeks ago, though.

Maybe this weekend will give my creative juices a good squeeze. I meet with Kathy Stinson, the writer-in-residence at the Kitchener Public Library to talk over the sample of Rosemary and Time I gave her to read. I follow this up with one or two writer workshops being held by Ms. Stinson and the library. Should make for an interesting few hours, at least.

I hope this doesn’t offend anyone, but the Kitchener Public Library has to have one of the most jarring colour schemes of any website maintained by a public institution. Think they’re hiring a webmaster? Perhaps I should apply…

Erin’s really been making good use of the time freed up from her previous job. More poems litter the coffee table, and she’s just received her first rejection on a freelance article. Well, all just a few more steps towards success.

Update - February 8, 2004: KPL has fixed their website, as I note here.

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