Fiction Saturday

So, I met Kathy Stinson this morning to talk about Rosemary and Time. I was more nervous for the meet than I was for a job interview. But the meeting went well. She said that the work was publishable (with luck and perseverance, which is par for the course in the publishing industry). She liked the premise and thought that my writing was well done. She caught several errors, but said that these would not force a publisher to shake his or her head and decide they couldn't work with me.

She identified a few instances where I slipped out of Rosemary's point of view. This is something that I've been trying to improve recently, so I wasn't surprised to see a few items lingering. As I told her, I have a camera-like view of the action, which is good in some instances, but sometimes I pull back from Rosemary. Kathy told me to try and keep the camera tight to her head.

So, it was a reaffirming experience. We'll see what more I can find out through KPL 's Writer in Residence program when I attend the writing seminar coming up this Monday...

Fathom Five was 25000 words, but fell to 22000 words when I ripped out all of Chapter 5 and started over. We're now pushing the 23500 mark, so work is progressing albeit slowly. I'm feeling a lot better about this new version, thankfully. Once it's done, I'll see about uploading it to my test readers...

I've got Jorane on my Fathom Five soundtrack album, by the way. And I've added one more song: Tori Amos 1000 Oceans. Appropriate, no?

My latest Harry Potter fan fic, The Butterfly Effect, has stalled, but I have some ideas for it, so there may be progress made tomorrow. We shall see.

It's good to be writing again.

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