Go Leafs Go!

Who the heck am I fooling?

I say that I don't care about sports. I roll my eyes at baseball salaries, and I complain that professional hockey has had its heart gouged out of it by greed and commercialism. I shrugged my shoulders when the Canadian Olympic hockey team lost its first game to Sweden. But get the Canadians to the gold medal game, and I start paying attention out of the corner of my eye. Get the Toronto Maple Leafs to the conference finals, and a smile touches my lips.

All right, you got me. I'm a suppressed sports junkie. I root heavily for the underdog and my home team (and often, they happen to be one in the same). This goes for hockey, basketball, baseball and soccer (looking forward to the World Cup). When I'm given something to cheer about, I cheer. Then, when we get back to the drudgery of the regular season, I move on in my life, cheerfully ignoring the game and putting down its crass commercialism. I'm a hypocrite, but who cares?

Great game last night. And, special thanks to Carolina's classy fans for not booing the Canadian national anthem.

This blog won't be updated this weekend, as I'll be in Montreal attending my cousin Megan's wedding. Looking forward to that. The entire Smith family will be there, and it will be the first time that's happened since uncle Dieter's funeral. The weather in Montreal looks iffy, but the sun is out today, so I'll keep my fingers crossed for the wedding.

Before I head out, though, it's time to put Rosemary and Time back into circulation. I've settled on Orca Book Publishers as my next candidate. They have a good U.S reach, and they seem more interested in genre fiction than Groundwood did. And for some reason I have a better gut feeling about Orca. Not that I believe very strongly in intuition. We shall see.

I've been experimenting with a new colour scheme. What do you think of it? Please comment.

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