The Day the Furniture Turned Upside-Down

Okay. You want to hear something really weird? This is what happened as Erin tells it.

After I left for work, Erin dreamt about digging up the garden. She was planting away when she got tired, so she lay down and looked back at the house. To her surprise, the house was upside-down. So, she goes inside, walking about on the ceiling as though it were the floor, and the furniture stuck on the floor, which is now the ceiling. When she goes to write this experience down, she wakes up.

So, when up, Erin writes this dream down in her journal. Then, around 10 a.m., she heads downstairs, and all the furniture is upside-down.

The dining room table, the coffee table, and the small table of our booknook is turned over completely, legs pointing in the air. The chairs surrounding these tables have also been turned over, as have our two easy chairs. Other than this, everything has been kept neat and tidy. Any papers that were on any of the tables have been stacked neatly in the corner. All doors are locked (and the chain is on the front door -- I couldn't have put that chain on when I was going out), as are all windows. Nothing is missing.

Of course, Erin calls me.

ERIN: "James, did you turn the furniture upside-down before you left for work?"
JAMES: "... No."

Hearing this description, I'm thinking that burglars might still be in the house, so I tell her to get out of the house right now and drive over to work to pick me up. Ten minutes later, we're speeding back home so I can see this for myself. Sure enough, the furniture is just as Erin left it, and there is no sign of any intruders. We called up a friend who is something of a mystic, and she brought salt, and lots of it. Didn't use it, though.

We either have a poltergeist, or Erin's telekenetic, or Erin sleepwalked and turned over a heavy dining room table on her own in an enclosed space. This question certainly made our day very interesting.

And it's interesting to see how different family members lean towards different explanations. My parents think poltergeist. My father wants to light firecrackers around the house (ancient Chinese tradition). Erin's sister, Wendy also thinks ghost but that this may be sort of cool. Erin's mother leans towards sleepwalking or burglars.

I don't know what to think, other than the fact that although this is freaky, it's not scary. As messages go, this wasn't unfriendly, as the ghost or whatever it was took the time to stack papers carefully before turning the tables over. Nothing was broken. I hope it doesn't happen too often but... if we do have a ghost and this is all it does, why begrudge its existence?

Anyway, that was my day today. Freaky.

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