Party On, UK!

You know, despite saying that I'm no fan of the British monarchy, I can't help but look at the Jubilee celebrations going on across the United Kingdom with a few pangs of jealousy. Who'd have thought that the British could put on such a party? When so many people get together in one place and have so much fun, I look on from the sidelines and wish I was there.

CBC Radio's "As It Happens" played a tape of about a million Londoners singing "God Save the Queen", and it choked me up, would you believe? It's wonderful when people have something to celebrate (as we did back in February with our double gold medal hockey wins). So, to the United Kingdom, I say: happy Jubilee. Party on!

Fathom Five has passed the 28500 word mark and is filling out nicely. I've written some scenes at the end where Peter and Rosemary go to their school's homecoming dance. I hope the ending isn't too sappy, but their awkwardness over their first time on the dance floor should be good for a chuckle, at least. The final confrontation in the siren world remains vague, however.

The Trenchcoat Farewell Project is continuing to progress. It may have come down from its rush of activity when I announced that these were the final months of preparation, but we're still moving forward. Matt Grady will soon finish the opening story, entitled To Go Beyond, and we have new artwork in our hands for another story. I was on the phone with Martin Proctor last night, and there should be movement there too, and Greg Gick called me up two nights ago to tell me that he finally knows whodunnit in The Golden Owl.

All this means that I will be shifting my focus in the next couple of months. Laying out a 900+ page coffeetable fanzine is going to take up the bulk of my spare time in August and early September, so the current activity with Fathom Five should be wrapping up in the next couple of months. Will I be done with the story at that point? Hardly. I thought Rosemary and Time was complete enough to send to the Delacorte Press Contest back in December, but four months of revisions have significantly altered (and improved) the story. This should be true for Fathom Five as well. The Young City will continue on the backburner until after the Trenchcoat Farewell Project is complete, and I can concentrate on research.

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