Toronto Trip and the Trillium Awards

Toronto is a magnificent city. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Erin and I were there for just three hours last night, but we had a good time doing our separate things.

Erin scored an invitation to the Trillium Book Awards (Ontario's top literary awards). She didn't win anything; she was likely invited due to her success at the Canadian Literary Awards and the grants for her poetry. So, she spent the evening in the St. Lawrence Hall (seen pictured here) hobnobbing with writers and publishers and David Tsibouchi, the Minister of Culture.

Unfortunately, I was not invited, but the day just happened to be the first Thursday of the month, so I headed over to the Paupers Tavern across from the Bloor Cinema for the monthly DWIN Tavern. This Doctor Who fandom tradition started in the United Kingdom when a group of fans met at a local tavern regularly just to chat and drink beer. Of course, the idea was just too brilliant and simple to pass up, so it was imported over here.

Yesterday was my first visit to the tavern. I had one beer, and got a chance to chat with Andrew Gurudata, Eric Briggs, Graeme Burk and others. (Richard Salter, were you there? Or was that Scott Clarke? I'm afraid I've gotten the two of you mixed up). Then, after an hour, I headed back to the St. Lawrence Hall to pick up Erin. She was happy, except for her sore feet, the result of standing around in senseless shoes.

We'd been sensible and parked at Islington station and taken transit the rest of the way into the city. Though it was the end of rush hour, and we were moving in the opposite direction to most traffic, driving was rough. How can anybody say that transit is unnecessary when we face conditions such as we see on the 401 thanks to our autodependency? Anyway, going back from St. Lawrence Hall, we took the King streetcar to the end of the line, and got to see how King Street has transformed. When I was a teenager, it was a street that veered between the character-less facades of the financial districts, to the impoverished neighbourhoods of Corktown on the east and Parkdale on the west. The financial district is still there, but I don't seem to mind it anymore. And Corktown and Parkdale have gone upscale. Old industries have vanished and condominiums are everywhere. King Street is now quite a prestigious place to live. Who'd have thought it?

And the skyline of Toronto is especially beautiful against the twilit sky after sunset.

R.J. Anderson started to have contractions ten minutes apart early this morning. I know that I can say this because she posted this on her blog. Welcome to my first delivery logged on a blog. Seriously, Rebecca is an excellent writer of Doctor Who and Harry Potter fan fiction and her web page is an interesting read on a number of subjects, from her writing, to Christian thought and more. I've only met her face-to-face once, but we correspond regularly and we're friends. I'm with some of the people commenting on her blog: I feel as though I should be pacing in my room, waiting for news on the delivery.

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