Cough! Hack! Sneeze!

An absolutely terrible day today, so far.

I suspect I'm more allergic to smog than I am to assorted pollens or horses. There's evidence of this whenever I go to the Halton County Railway Museum, out in the middle of the countryside, during the middle of my allergy seasons. By moving out of my smoggy city, my allergies actually improve, even amongst the plants I'm most allergic to.

And tonight, I woke up at 3 a.m. feeling the worst I've felt in a year. My nose was plugged, I felt short of breath, and I was coughing and sneezing. We have no air conditioning in our home, so all our windows are open.

I suspect that a mass of bad air is being pushed ahead of a major storm front that's expected to cross Ontario this afternoon. This is the same storm that dumped almost a foot of water on poor southern Alberta, so it's going to make for a very wet day. However, with how I'm feeling right now, the rain can't come soon enough.

If you pray for anything, pray for rain.

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