Fathers Day

It's been a pretty busy weekend, which is why I haven't written. On Saturday, I went to the Halton County Railway Museum to drive their streetcars. The weather wasn't promising, but some people came out. It was a nice, cool, fairly low pressure day. Then thunderstorms arrived in the afternoon to make things exciting. As you can guess, an electric railway museum in the countryside takes summer thunderstorms quite seriously, and so we shut down operations a couple of times that afternoon. It gave me a chance to do some writing.

On Sunday (today), I took my father out for Dim Sum, to celebrate Father's Day. We went up to King Tin in north Waterloo, where they serve Dim Sum in carts trundled to the various tables. The restaurant doesn't have the best Dim Sum in the region, but it is the only one that we know of to use the carts, just like in the restaurants of Toronto's Chinatown.

Then, at 2 p.m., Cameron Dixon paid us a visit. We sat and chatted about writing, Buffy, movies, improvisation and comedy. Cameron gave me some ideas about The Young City, which I hope to enact once the first draft of Fathom Five is completed. I made a chicken pesto dish for dinner, which we thoroughly enjoyed. So, as you can see, not much time for writing, but an enjoyable weekend nonetheless.

It's a little late to go onto more exciting subjects, but there's always tomorrow.

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