I Hate Hot Weather, Part 12943

Immensely hot, here, and we have no air conditioner. The thermometer topped 80'F indoors, so we were obliged to go out and find something air conditioned. Even if we didn't find an air conditioned place, at least we were outside where we could (theoretically) enjoy all this sun.

(Well, we could feel the sun. Darned if we could see it in all this smog).

I hate hot weather. I'm seriously thinking about getting an air conditioner. All of my environmentalist bones are being out-screamed by my overworked pores. I hope this weather breaks soon.

However, Erin and I did have a good afternoon. We went to Oakville again and looked around, shopped and wrote. We found ourselves an Indigo and sat there for a while in air-conditioned comfort while I got a page or so done on Fathom Five. We thought about seeing the animated movie Spirit, but it was only available for a 12:30 p.m. showing.

Back at home, the temperature is finally starting to drop (at 11 p.m.). I've taken to filling all of the tubs and sinks with cold water in the hopes that this will help. We have our three fans in the windows pulling in what cool air they can.

Parkas on all people who love 30'C weather. Grumble!Grumble!Grumble!

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