Ah, but it's a dry heat--**thwack!!**

Poor Cameron. Not only does he have to suffer through a heatwave, but he does so in the midst of a garbage strike.

Actually, his reference to the humidex reading of 41'C (106'F) reminds me that, for one of the few times in my life, I can compare humid heat to dry heat. In South Dakota, the thermometer topped out at 109'F (43'C), and that was straight temperature. So, in terms of real heat, it was hotter than in Toronto.

However, without the humidity, and as long as one could stay out of the sun, and as long as one could catch a good wind (easier to do in the prairies than trying to avoid the sun), the temperature was quite manageable. Even at my worst, I felt as though I was taking a "real man's" summer, and surviving it with honours.

Now, I'm pretty sure that in Toronto, or Kitchener, I'd be miserable. There is something about humidity that exceeds the humidex reading. I can honestly say that a 40'C humidex is harder to take than a 40'C dry heat. The fact that there's absolutely no pollution doesn't hurt, either.

There are drawbacks, of course. Fireworks are officially banned west of the Missouri river, for obvious reasons. But I'll try and bring some of this dry air back with me. It won't be cold, but I think you'll like it better.

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