Not the World Cup.

Did you know that Spain is at war with Morocco? Well, "war" may be hyperbole, but Morocco has occupied an island in the Mediterranian Sea, and Spain has responded by sending frigates.

The island in question is the size of a soccer field.

I'm surprised at how little attention the dispute is getting. I learned of the conflict as a headline passed by on CablePulse 24's ticker. The news was never spoken by the newscasters, and there were no panel discussions.

In a way, I suppose this is good. The fact that this confrontation isn't getting even a fraction of the India/Pakistan confrontation shows just how less serious the dispute is. I mean, Spain and Morocco are fighting over a soccer field.

On the other hand, Spain and Morocco are fighting over a soccer field!

The Drive-Thru Question

Do drive-thru windows really work to make things more convenient? Or are they an ecological menace? Not wanting to cook tonight, I went and hunted for dinner at the local KFC. I was planning to take the drive-thru, but saw a lineup, and so I parked my car and went inside to order at the counter.

Leaving, I noticed that the car that had been at the end of the line of the drive-thru had only just left the serving window. So, during that time, I had stretched my legs, waited inside an air-conditioned restaurant, did not struggle to get my wallet out of my pants while (a) sitting and (b) constrained by a seat belt, and I did not spew out nearly as much car exhaust into the smoggy air.

So, if I could be served in the store as fast as I can in a drive-thru window, what's the point? Perhaps we should think seriously about the impact these things may have on the environment.

The humidity has returned. We purchased a small air conditioner after battling our own financial and environmental consciousnesses. It's made the computer room bearable, but that's it. Gus is sprawled on the floor, fervently not moving a muscle in his body. We think that's good strategy.

In this sort of weather, writing does not come easy. But I did get three resumes out into the ether, and I have an interview coming up in a couple of weeks. Tomorrow will bring more heat and humidity. Erin and I will probably retreat to a mall or someplace in desperate search of goosebumps. If I see one more weatherman call this "beautiful weather", I will send them hate mail.

Well, I'd better go and try to sleep. Sigh.

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