MultiCultural Penicillin

Erin's doing much better today, with the fever largely beaten. That leaves just the joint aches and the sore throat, and we had a go at tackling the sore throat.

If chicken soup is known as "the Jewish penicillin", then hot and sour soup should be known as "the Chinese penicillin".

When I was younger, I had a sweet tooth, and I couldn't handle spicy foods very well. So, as you can guess, the menu-item "hot and sour soup" sent me running for the hills. But I've come to like it as I've come to love Indian food and the spicier items on the Chinese menu. It's not very spicy at all; just a peppery soup. And the 'sour' taste is not much different from vinegar. Best of all, it's a hearty soup with bits of chicken, shrimp, mushrooms and bamboo. It's a nice, thick and spicy broth that really clears the sinuses, and we know a good Chinese restaurant here in Kitchener that delivers. Erin's throat is noticeably better, now.

The heat and humidity is back and with it the desire to write goes out the window. However, I did push forward on Fathom Five and may do more tonight. For now, though, I'll be sitting in front of my air conditioner.

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