This Really Sucks (Updated)


I should have known that something was wrong at 7:30. For the past three years or so, our cat Gus has gotten into the habit of reacting whenever the clock radio goes off, making sure I don’t fall back asleep, and meowing until I come down and feed him his morning treat. It’s been such that I now wake up at the same time during the weekend that I do during the weekdays. You can’t ask for a better alarm clock in Gus.

But today, he wasn’t there to meow when the clock radio went off. Finally, at 9:10, I realized something was wrong and I got dressed and went looking for him. I discovered that the screen door opening out to our back yard had been pried open. My worst fears was confirmed: Gus had left the house. It’s now about eight hours later, and no amount of searching has found him. We’ve put out flyers and dropped his picture in mailboxes, but we’ve gotten no calls other than to express sympathy. There’s no sign that he’s coming back. He’s never been outside before.

Barring the hope that he’ll be found by the Humane Society, this is a really sad, glum day. I’m really beginning to hate this month.

Updated 7:16 p.m.: Soon after writing the above, we got a phone call from one of our neighbours who discovered Gus in her patio. I came right over and, sure enough, there he was. I carried him right back home. Erin and I are both greatly relieved to have gotten Gus back, and you can bet that we will be keeping a close eye on him.

Gus, incidentally, is currently licking himself.

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