I would like to thank Danielle who put me onto BlogBuddy. This neat little program sits on your hard drive and casually accepts your keyboard strokes as you sit and type in your blog entry. When you’re ready, you click “Post and Publish” and it updates your blog for you. No messing around with Internet Explorer or Mozilla. I can use Opera and blog as well. BlogBuddy even allows you to edit your templates offline.

This is also good for people who have dial-up connections. I’ve been on cable a while, so I’ve forgotten how useful an offline reader of e-mail can be. BlogBuddy stays offline until you are ready to post, and only calls up your Internet Service Provider when you tell it to. Compare that with Blogger, which requires you to go online before you can enter your posts.

So, thanks to BlogBuddy for putting together a neat little tool, and thanks to Danielle for telling me about it.

Update 09:20: I did find one problem with BlogBuddy. It currently doesn’t support title fields for individual posts. But maybe I’m missing something. Either that, or the feature will come soon. I can’t see this little item being something that can confound these programmers for long… …I’ve also changed the look of my blog. It’s still a work in progress, but I’m interested in your thoughts. Like it? Hate it? Please comment on it.

Blogging By E-mail/Thanks to Rebecca

As I mentioned, BlogBuddy is an excellent way to update your blog while offline. However, its one flaw is that it doesn’t support individual post titles. For users of BloggerPro, you do have the option of posting via e-mail, as I am testing right now. Will it work? We shall see.

Erin and I spent a wonderful afternoon and evening in Stratford, visiting Rebecca, Horst, Nicholas and Simon. We had a lovely dinner and conversation, and Nicholas and Simon are wonderful children. Thanks for having us over, and we look forward to seeing you again. Until then, there’s always our blogs to keep us in touch.

Almost finished editing Evening Falls for the Trenchcoat Farewell Project. Once the author gives approval of the changes, I can lay out the story and turn to Shepherd Moons

Update 23:18: Blogging by E-mail is not without its flaws. My e-mail system installs line breaks at inopportune moments, which can really mangle up one’s posts if one is not careful. But I think I can get the hang of this. Oh, and BlogBuddy still has its uses. It does allow me to alter my template offline…

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