Is It Not Nifty?

I'm encountering more and more Sluggy Freelance fans wherever I look. Now that Sluggy is launching into a Harry Potter spoof, I've discovered that I can add Rebecca to my list of friends who think that the web comic is nifty. I spent all Sunday afternoon with her and Horst and did not know that. Erin and I made Cameron Dixon into a fan six months ago, and the poor sod ended up staying up very late going through five years worth of archived comics.

What can I say? Sluggy Freelance is, in my opinion, the best web-based comic strip available on the Internet. It's one of the oldest, most complicated and most consistently funny. Creator Pete Abrams writes as well as he draws, producing characters who are genuinely complex as well as off-the-wall. The range of this series is amazing: from low humour, to Star Trek parodies, to semi-serious relationship stories and even some heart-pounding action. Pete Abrams is constantly challenging himself; his artwork has improved markedly in the five years he has been online, and his plotlines are getting so complex, they threaten to spiral out of control (in a good way).

I bow before his amazing talent and I wonder why he's not syndicated nationally. But then, without him, webcomics would be in a much weaker position. He knows that the Internet is his medium, and he's having far too much fun to change, now.

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