And Now For Our Sponsor... A Talentless Hack

I only hope that this site was written in jest. If not, then I must assume that the perpetrator of this con is himself an embittered hack who tried, but failed, to get himself published — primarily because his novels were cr*p. The lack of respect this man shows the profession of writing is just astounding. Consider:

1) Talent: in order to write a book, the less writing talent you have, the easier it will be for you. If you’re a professional writer right now, it’s an uphill struggle as you try to perfect what’s already perfect. These techniques will free you from the bonds of perfection and you’ll discover in minutes that you already have all the talent you need to write an outstanding book+ honest!

Or this…

5) Writing ability: Do you know how to talk? Then you know how to write! Writing isn’t like painting or sculpting or playing tennis. You don’t need to spend years learning the basics and mastering the techniques.

Unless you want to write something halfway coherent, that is. How many good books out there are written the way you speak?

You’ve already done that as a child. You’re already a master writer. I give you the techniques to make it happen!

What a load of bull— (Gets breathing under control) All authors, from original stories to fan fiction, should be insulted by such patronizing comments. These techniques will teach you how to write… as a talentless hack turning out pieces of trash! It’s true that a number of talentless hacks do get published, but everybody who is serious about writing (unlike this con-artist) knows that writing is hard work, and not everybody can do it.

The person who put up this website deserves to be pointed at and scorned.

(James points at website and scorns it)

Again, I’m writing during my lunch break at work. An interesting day, so far: I had to apply barcodes to 58 LCD monitors. There is something soothing about peeling and sticking so many times. Then there is all the fancy equipment I get to handle and, later, I’ll walk around the rooms scanning the barcodes with my laser pen.

If this job isn’t tailor made for me, I don’t know what is.

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