Dwindling Hours

Another lunchtime posting. This will be my pattern for the next little while, for all of the time that I used to spend writing, doing housework, and laying out the Trenchcoat Farewell Project has now been lumped into those few hours between coming home and going to bed. And since I’ve gotten into the swing of laying out the issue, I’ve not had much thought for blogging.

If I may make a complaint: I love my scanner, but it is too slow. It produces excellent quality scans of black&white and colour images, but if I try to scan something (say, a 3” x 5” black & white line drawing from Martin Proctor at 600 dpi), the scanner limps along, going Urk! — Urk! — Urk! — Urk! — Urk! for about two minutes before it finishes the job. For this reason, I’ve come to love artists who submit their work electronically and save me a lot of time.

My scanner is an old IBM. It’s sturdy as all get-out, works well (I already said that) and connects to my parallel port. I’ve been eying all sorts of scanners and keeping an eye on their scanning times. Of course, by the time I can afford one of these babies, most (if not all) of my scanning will be done. So, I just have to labour along in frustration.

Incidentally, at work I’m using a MacIntosh PowerMac G4. During the week that I’ve been at work, my home machine — a PC running Windows ME — my home machine has crashed five times (I’ve counted). The PowerMac runs 24/7 and hasn’t crashed once.

Says it all, really, as to which platform is better. Although I do miss the Microsoft keyboard shortcuts and the ability to right-click, but I’ll get over that.

Incidentally, my browser at work is Mozilla ver 1.1. Unlike my home machine, it too hasn’t crashed once, or caused my machine to freeze. Does anybody have any theories why my Mozilla will not play nice with my version of Windows ME (or vice-versa)?

I’m looking forward to Opera 7, which is definitely the faster and more stable browser (especially on my machine). My only complaint with Opera is that it isn’t in tune with the more modern website standards, and so it reads certain web pages rather oddly. Version 7 is supposed to take care of most of that. We shall see.

Tomorrow, Erin and I will be in Toronto, paying a visit to Toronto to meet up with Cameron Dixon. He promises us “an adventure”. I’m looking forward to it.

I don’t know why, but I found this article fascinating. So, we’re now reasonably sure that the Universe started with the Horrendous Space Kablooee, are we?

At the same time, this article also fascinates me — in a disgust sort of way. Some strange coincidences here: why would a woman wanted for shoplifting at a Kohl’s department store in Texas be taped abusing her daughter at a different Kohl’s department store across the country? What does this say about the clientele Kohls attracts, given that I’ve never heard of this chain store before? Clearly, the store will have to shore up its marketing budget to counter this bad publicity. And why on earth would a family this bad bear the name “Toogood”?

And why is this a top story on CNN.com?

People are sad and strange, that’s all I can say.

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