Congratulations to Imogen

Fellow blogger, writer and HP fan announced the birth of her third child, Hugh, earlier today. Mother, father and baby are doing well.

Blogger birth #2! (Rebecca and Horst’s second son, Simon, is doing great).

Fun with Microsoft! Thanks to Natasha, I now know what happens when I run Rosemary and Time through Microsoft Word’s Autosummarize feature. At 100 words or less, it stands as:

Rosemary Watson?”

Rosemary nudged Peter. Peter asked Rosemary.

Rosemary stared. Rosemary gasped.

Rosemary screamed. “Peter!” “Peter—”

“Peter…” “Peter? “Rosemary?” Rosemary stopped. “Rosemary!”

“Rosemary! “Rosemary. Rosemary stopped. “Rosemary?” said Peter.

“Peter,” said Rosemary. “Rosemary!” “Rosemary?” said Peter. Rosemary shouted. Rosemary nodded. “Rosemary!” Rosemary echoed. “Peter?”

Cut that down to ten sentences and you get:

“Rosemary?” “Rosemary!”

“Rosemary! “Rosemary. “Rosemary!” “Rosemary!” “Rosemary! “Rosemary? “Rosemary? “Rosemary?”

Intriguingly, Fathom Five summarized in ten sentences is:

“Peter! “Peter! “Peter! “Peter?”





“Peter? “Peter?”

Never trust a computer to do a writer’s job.

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