What A Way to Spend a Friday Evening

I will say this: Erin’s mind travels far faster than me. Ideas just leap into place, and she follows them. I’d call this uncommon, but it’s similar to the way my father thinks, except he’s even faster. It’s a little hard to keep up with him on conversations when he really gets going. Perhaps I’m just slow and steady.

Anyway, I say this because, we’re painting. Twenty-four hours ago, painting was the last thing on our minds. But, after returning home from our weekly dinner with my parents, Erin decided that we should go out. We stopped in a Canadian Tire, and next thing I know, we were buying paint.

There’s sense in that decision. We’ve not been happy with the sea-glass green that we’ve painted our office (bland and washed out), and it’s been weeks before we started painting our wrought-iron banisters black, and then stopped. (Yes, I know that wrought-iron is supposed to be black, but tell that to the previous owners of the house who painted them white, with gold sparkles) So, in the span of an hour, we’ve decided that Friday evening is to be spent painting.

We’re not done, yet. Erin chose a magenta to put on the wall behind the computer. As with anything red, it doesn’t cover well on the first two coats, so we’ll need to get some more paint. We’ll see if the new colour makes the sea-glass green stand out on the rest of the walls, or if we’ll have to paint them a darker green. The remaining wrought-iron banister has a coat of black on it, but needs another. So, I know what we’ll be doing this evening.

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