The Vaguaries of Time

In the previous two months, a couple of anniversaries passed without any notice. One was the start of Rosemary and Time.

I can’t fix the exact date when I started writing the story, but I do know that the ideas started to come together on a particular August morning. I had an itch to write for a original character, and storylines from Madeleine L’Engle to Sapphire and Steel kept playing at me.

Things really consolidated when one of our bosses, John Green, took Erin and I out to lunch. As he and Erin were discussing books and poetry, they struck on a phrase: “Passion Fruit and Time”, and it was there in a flash. Not only did I have the title, but I had the character’s name. Rosemary Watson was born.

The other anniversary was our house. On August 31, we took possession of it and, on September 15, we moved in. It’s hard to believe that it’s been more than a year since we left the old apartment, but now that I look back, I realize that I saw the colours of fall, felt the chill of winter and the joy of spring. We even wheezed through the smog of summer, and here we are, fall again. How quickly time flies.

I remember once telling my father that I wished that time would go faster so that my birthday would arrive quicker. As you can guess, I was rather young when I said that. My father told me that I’d regret saying that, that as I got older, time would go faster, and you’d start to worry about missing things as the dates zipped past. It will be three years before Erin and I have lived in our house as long as we lived in our apartment, but those years will pass in the span of months. I’m willing to bet that we’ll pass that milestone without noticing.

Well, at least I remember the important anniversaries. I did forget Erin’s birthday, once. Emphasis on once. But I’ve never done that again and, besides, I was especially tired that evening.

Speaking of milestones, this was my 200th Blog entry.

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