The Weekend and This Week

The tinkering of this blog should come to an end, soon. I've established a set of category archives and I've got the calendar working just the way I want it to. This evening, I'll attempt to import the comments from the old system over to here. Yes, Eric, it can be done!

Erin and I had a very good weekend. I got to sleep in on Saturday, and then after lunch, Erin and I went over to Stratford (hi, Rebecca!) and spent a couple of hours at Balzac's. I've started to rewrite chapter seven of Fathom Five (where Peter first enters the Siren world). This is one of the weakest chapters in the book and, while I haven't made substantial changes, I have significantly tightened things. All things being equal, tightening is an excellent improvement.

Then it was back home to finish up the painting. The magenta wall looks wonderful; it's rich and interesting, and very exciting to sit in front of. It has, however, made the glass green look even more washed out. We'll need to paint over it, either with a deeper green, or more magenta. I'm not looking forward to pulling the furniture away from the walls, but we won't have to deal with that right away.

Sunday was fun; I spent most of the day at the Halton County railway museum for their trolley fest. Unlike previous years, it was a more freeflowing event, with the dispatcher scheduling runs and crews on the fly. The great benefit of this was that everybody got a chance to drive different pieces of equipment, rather than being assigned to a particular piece all day. Let me put in a vote for this system next year.

Erin tells me she had a good time at the Word on the Street event in Kitchener. Among other things, she heard Dennis Lee read, which is always a treat. The evening was much quieter, as we'd been active all day.

I'm looking forward to Kathy Stinson's ten week writing workshop that she's running starting tomorrow. It seems like a good thing to attend if I'm at all serious about writing, but this will be my first writing course and I've no idea what to expect.

It throws a spanner into the week, as Tuesdays used to be one of the days where I'd go to the gym with Dan. It's also the night that Buffy is on. I'll have to go to the gym on Wednesday, I guess, and Erin will just have to tape Buffy, but it should be worth it.

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