Bush and the Remnants of Lili

You know, I just had a nasty thought.

I've always felt that those who didn't see the need to conserve oil or find alternate sources of fuel were boneheadedly stubborn. I still do. But since some in the Bush administration see the Left Behind book series not as fiction but as prophesy, what if some of those oil advocates acknowledge that there is a limited supply of oil, but feel there is enough to last us to Armaggedon?

It's been a very bad day today in terms of allergies. The heat and the smog have combined to really plug up my nose, make my face red and puffy, and make me generally miserable. I've taken some allergy medication, but it hasn't helped all that much. And politicians say we don't have a smog problem.

The weather should get better tomorrow, as a cold front whips through. It should get interesting over the weekend as Hurricane Lili looks set to follow the same path as Tropical Storm Isidore. If it lands in the U.S. as a category 3 hurricane, it should dump a lot more rain on us than Isidore.

I am worried about a friend in New Orleans, though. I haven't heard from him in a little while, and Lili could hurt Louisiana more than Isidore did. So, Pat, if you're reading this, write me and tell me how you are.

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