Capitalism, North Korea Style

A recent conversation between Dan Kukwa and myself.

Dan: Did you hear, the North Koreans are creating a capitalist zone?
Me: Ah?
Dan: Yes. An area on the Chinese border will be reorganized to operate according to capitalist principles.
Me: Ah!
Dan: They'll bring North Koreans from all around the country to this zone.
Me: Ah!
Dan: And relocating the people currently living there.
Me: Ah. I see the North Koreans don't quite have a grasp on the concept of a free market.

One wonders what capitalism, North Korea style, will be like under these circumstances.

North Korean Guard: You! Make profit! Make profit now! (whip cracking) You! Fire that worker! You! Downsize! Now!(whip cracking)

Still, it's better than Stalinism. Maybe.

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